The powerpuff girls are gone, but you’ll still have a good time at the University of Michigan

The powerpuffs are back at the school, as Professor Dolores Cahill’s new professor at the university is getting ready to graduate.

The school announced the news in a news release Tuesday, and the new professor will be named Jane Watson, the Associated Press reports.

The announcement came after Cahills predecessor, Dolores Aguilar, left the school in August to become the dean of the College of Humanities and Sciences.

Dolores Aguiler left the University in August.

The Associated Press/Associated Press”It’s great to welcome Jane Watson to our faculty, and we’re excited to work with her to help advance our mission of creating an inclusive environment for all students and faculty members,” Cahil said in a statement.

The news of Watson’s hiring came just a day after Aguiler resigned as head of the school.

A few days later, Cahils resignation came as a surprise, as her decision to leave her post had been reported by several outlets.

Cahili’s resignation was widely reported on Tuesday.

“We are honored to welcome Dr. Watson, who will help us further the mission of diversity, inclusion, and excellence in the University community,” Aguiler’s successor, John D. Hart, said in the statement.

“She is a well-respected professor who has been an integral part of our community for more than a decade.

Our faculty members are very excited about her new appointment, and are eager to work closely with her and her team to provide our students with the education they deserve.”

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