How a Sanskrit teacher in a Hindi school taught the children of Delhi’s Kachin community

In May this year, a teacher in one of India’s largest Hindi-speaking schools in the city of Kachina taught her students the language.

The student body of Kochi Intermediate School was composed of students from Kachini (Kanchi district), Kanchi Nagar, Nagaland, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal.

The students at Kachinar Intermediate School had migrated from the city’s inner city, which was also the site of Kanchibani, a religious festival.

The Kachins were considered as outsiders in the community.

At the time of the incident, the principal of the school was suspended.

She later resigned and the school has since been shut down.

After this, a complaint was lodged by the students against the school principal and the state government.

The teacher, who was working as a teacher at Kanchipuram Secondary School, has now been booked for violating the Scheduled Caste (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.

The state government has also initiated a probe.

“It was the first time that a teacher has been booked under this Act.

As per the law, it is punishable by five years imprisonment.

There are a number of teachers who have been arrested and convicted under the Act,” said Rishi Thakur, principal of Kishore Gram Jeevan School.

The case has been registered against the teacher, but no chargesheet has been filed yet.

The teachers at Kishor Gram Jeeshan, the only secondary school in the district, have also been accused of violating the Act.

“The principal was suspended after the complaint was made.

We are looking into the complaint,” said Kishori Kishoran, head of the Kishores Gram Jeezan School, who also serves the students of the same school.

According to the Supreme Court, teachers in private schools in Delhi have to report all the incidents involving their students to the authorities.

The law states that teachers must also report all cases of caste discrimination, harassment, and assault of students to their respective government departments and other authorities.

It is not yet clear if the case against the teachers will be referred to the police.

The State government has not yet commented on the case.

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