What’s on the agenda in the UK?

In the run-up to the general election, the BBC asked its staff what their priorities were and what they would be voting for.

Here are some of their answers: 1.

The Labour party 2.

A Labour government 3.

A government of the centre 4.

A Tory government 5.

A Coalition government 6.

A UKIP government 7.

A Green government 8.

A Conservative government 9.

A Lib Dem government 10.

The SNP 10.

An Independent.

What are your priorities?


To get Brexit right 2.

To end the austerity measures 3.

To build a fairer society 4.

To protect the environment 5.

To restore trust in our public services 6.

To reform our schools 7.

To give more power to women 8.

To reduce the gap between rich and poor 9.

To create a fairers society 10.

To put a stop to austerity and debt 11.

To secure the future of our country.


Labour has a mandate from the people 3.

The economy is still weak and there is a lot of uncertainty 4.

The public sector is still under huge pressure 5.

Our universities are under pressure and we need more funding 6.

The NHS is under threat and we cannot afford to keep cutting corners 7.

Our schools are struggling to keep up with demand 8.

There is still a long way to go before we can really get to grips with the economic crisis 9.

The deficit has grown by nearly £200 billion 10.

We need to find a way to fund public services 11.

We must stop the cuts to our social security and pension payments 12.

We cannot afford the cuts in health spending that are now being made 13.

We will not be able to stop the rising cost of housing and childcare.

What do you think will be your priority? 1

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