How Professor Umbridge and Professor Xavier came to be together

Hogwart’s potions professor and professor Umbridge, a character who was introduced in the first Harry Potter novel, were once quite similar in appearance, though Professor Umbraco’s features, hairstyle and robes are vastly different.

Professor Umbridge was a dark-haired and wiry woman who often wore a dark green and yellow coat, with dark red trousers and boots.

Her robes were a dark brown with a gold trim, and she often wore her hair in a short braid.

She was usually accompanied by a small golden owl who also had a dark red bird on its back.

Professor Xavier was a large man with a red headband, a green-and-white cape, and green shoes.

He had a black coat, black trousers and brown shoes, and wore a black hat with white lettering.

Professor Severus Snape was the dark-skinned, short-haired, bearded and slightly younger son of an old wizard and a witch.

He was a wizard who had spent a lot of time in prison, had a good deal of magical knowledge and was a devoted fan of Harry Potter.

He once told Harry Potter’s friends that he would never hurt a fly, and he would always fight against Voldemort and the Dark Lord.

Professor Snape was often mistaken for a muggle-born wizard and had a strong sense of justice, often defending Harry Potter from Death Eaters, although he was not particularly skilled at magic and was not a skilled combatant.

Professor McGonagall was a small woman with black hair and dark eyes, who was often seen as an old-fashioned witch and a bit of a dandy.

She wore a golden dress with a small gold-and toed shoe, and carried a green and white cane.

She also carried a pair of pink and blue shoes, a black-and red scarf, and a small wand.

She often used her magic in a theatrical fashion, sometimes appearing in drag.

She sometimes made fun of Harry for his magical ability and often teased him for being a mugglespawn.

Professor Flitwick was a slim, blue-eyed wizard who was also an avid fan of the Harry Potter books.

He often wore robes with gold trim and boots, and often used his wand as a cane.

He also had many friends, such as his nephew Quirrell and his friend Severus Snape, and had many magical items, such a ring, a wand, a hat, and many magical potions.

Professor Dumbledore was a tall, green-eyed, blue man who was best known for his role in the Defense Against the Dark Arts and Defence Against the Muggle World books.

He often wore his robes with a black trim and dark brown boots, although his hair was usually tied up in a loose bun.

He sometimes used his magic in theatrical fashion.

Professor McGonal Dumbledore often dressed in a robe with gold and purple trim, but usually wore a hat and blue trousers, but also carried his wand.

Professor Quirinus Quirke was a short, dark-eyed and rather wiry man with long black hair.

He wore a gold robe and a blue hat with a blue bow on his head.

He usually wore his wand and often held his wand in his left hand.

Professor Snape often appeared in drag and often joked about Harry Potter and his friends.

Professor Grindelwald was the famous black-haired wizard who fought alongside Harry Potter in the Battle of Hogwarts.

He always wore a pair or a hat with gold trimmed edges and a red stripe across the forehead.

He occasionally used his magical abilities in a dramatic fashion.

Professor Hagrid was a grey-haired man who often appeared as a grey owl with golden eyes and a green beard.

He carried a large red cane, a blue and white cloak, and black trousers.

He rarely wore a headdress and often wore only his wizard robes.

Professor Nott was a young, tall, grey-eyed man who had a fondness for books and a fond interest in potions.

He frequently wore a green cloak and red boots, with a green hat with black trim, as well as a purple hat with golden trim and red fringe.

He seldom wore a magic wand and frequently used potions.

Professor Quirriffy was a long-haired young man with pale skin, dark eyes and brown hair.

Professor Hagrid often wore the same green cloak, green boots and green trousers as Professor Snape.

Professor Lupin was a red-haired boy who often dressed as a black man, usually in a black and white coat, and wearing black gloves and gloves of iron.

He normally carried a wand in both hands, and frequently carried his magical potions on his back.

Professor Severus Snape often dressed up in drag, sometimes wearing a black cloak and black boots, often carrying a black wand and carrying a blue cane.

Professor Grindelmuggins often appeared on stage as an eccentric black-skinned wizard with an odd

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