How do you teach a black student to be a doctor? – Politics Live

The UK’s top medical doctor, Sir Peter Hall, has warned black students may not get the same chance as white ones at university.

Professors and other staff at the University of Nottingham have previously suggested black students could be put off entering the medical profession.

Prof Hall, who has led the country’s most successful medical academy, said: “If you want to get a doctorate, you need to make the case to the right people, you can’t just do it because you’re a black person.”

It’s a matter of teaching the right skills and you have to make sure you do it in the right way.

“The University of Oxford, which has been criticised for its treatment of black students, has now admitted it did not consider the “best interests” of black applicants when deciding whether to admit them.

The University of Manchester has also admitted to having “inadvertently” put black students at risk of being turned away from medical courses.

In response to Professor Hall’s concerns, the University said it had “already” changed its policy to give preference to black students who had already completed a medical degree.”

We’ve taken some very significant steps to address the barriers to black people being accepted to medical studies, but we’re still committed to supporting and encouraging our black students to continue their education,” said the university’s chief executive, Dr Mark Taylor.

He added: “Our policies are based on the best interests of the student, and we want to make clear that we will consider the best interest of students of any race when deciding on admissions to medical courses.”

He added that the university was “taking these matters seriously”.

But Prof Hall also said that it was “highly likely” that the UK could see a rise in the number of black people going into medicine.”

If the government wants to make a big difference in terms of helping us achieve that goal, then we must all be very clear about it and work together to do it,” he said.”

What is the best thing we can do for the country?

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