When Professor Ratigan Leaves History Professor Juniper Powers: ‘I’ll Still Be There’

In her new book, Professor Ratigans book, The Secret Life of Male Privilege, Juniper writes that she has experienced a moment of reckoning for many women, and that many of them have been taught to believe that the world is rigged in their favor.

“This is a moment in history where I will not stand in my classroom, my office, my workplace, or my home, and my colleagues will not sit back and say, ‘Oh, you know, we can’t possibly do that because that’s not how it works,'” she says.

“We will stand in our classrooms and our offices, our homes and our communities, and say no.

And that is a true and historic moment.”

Juniper also points out that there are people, both within academia and outside, who are actively working to break down the sexist, gender-based assumptions that pervade academia.

“I’ve always said that the problem is that we are the most powerful and we are responsible for the most dangerous, violent, and destructive forces in the world,” she says, referring to her work in academia.

But the best way to fight back against the toxic world Juniper is working in is by working with other women.

“Women have been in the trenches, in the halls of power, and they have not always gotten their due,” she notes.

“When you are an activist and you are a woman in a leadership position, there are certain people who you are going to have to work with, and there are a certain people you are not going to get to work alongside.”

And so Juniper has made a concerted effort to build support for her movement.

“Because the power of my movement lies in the strength of our work,” she writes, “we are going forward, and we’re going forward with a different mindset.

We are going after the things that are going on, the things we see happening, and the things people are saying about the system.

We’re going to be a catalyst for change.”

And that means breaking down the patriarchy and its beliefs.

“The patriarchy is not going away, and it’s not going anywhere,” Juniper concludes.

“But if we are going be a force for good in our own lives and our own communities, then we need to work together and work to break that structure down.

We can only be a true force for change if we all recognize that there is a difference between a structure that is oppressive, and a structure where it’s just the patriarchy.

That’s what I want to do.

Juniper asks. “

What’s the best place to start?”

Juniper asks.

“If you want to know what you should do and what you don’t want to, that’s great.

But if you want a roadmap to take you from where you are now, then I’m all for it.

“Be the change you want your life to be. “

And if you are someone who’s really good at what they do, I would encourage you to go out and try to make a difference,” she adds.

“Be the change you want your life to be.

And I guarantee that it will be better.”

This article was originally published by The Huffington Post and was republished with permission.

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