University professor’s ‘big fat lie’ about her work gets a lot of attention

On Wednesday, a federal judge threw out a lawsuit by former Georgetown University professor Sheryl Sandberg against a company that allegedly violated her privacy.

In a case filed in August, Sandberg said her name was misspelled in a LinkedIn profile that showed she was the executive director of the nonprofit advocacy group Women in the World, the same group she founded in 2015.

Sandberg said in a lawsuit filed in October that she was unaware the information was misspelt when she applied for a job with the firm in 2016.

The suit, filed in a federal district court in Washington, D.C., alleged that Sandberg’s name was spelled incorrectly and she had not been told of the error.

Sanderg, who was named in the suit as an “agent,” did not respond to requests for comment Wednesday.

In addition to the lawsuit filed by Sandberg, her company was also sued in September by a number of former and current employees.

Those employees allege that the former employees who filed their lawsuit have experienced retaliation, and that Sanderg was told she was fired and has not been paid for her work on the matter.

In the lawsuit, Sanderg alleged that the wrongful conduct took place over a period of four years and included retaliation against her and her former employees.

She also alleged that at least one former employee received a termination letter, and at least four others were told they would lose their jobs if they did not change their names.

Sandberg alleged that she did not receive her termination letter and has filed an action seeking damages.

Sandgers attorneys said in their lawsuit that she and her colleagues had a right to a fair trial.

The lawsuit does not name the defendants in the lawsuit.

Sandenberg’s attorney, Joshua Shapiro, told The Washington Times that the lawsuit has not yet been settled, but he added that the matter is moving along.

Sanders claims that her case is not the first time a former employee has filed a claim against a former employer for violating her privacy, and said the case is unique in that she has filed similar claims against multiple firms.

In her lawsuit, which she filed in December 2016, Sanders claimed that in 2014, a company called Social Media Solutions LLC paid her a $20,000 bonus for her “significant contributions” to the organization.

The bonus was paid after the company was “a highly successful platform for social and civic engagement,” Sanders wrote.

Social Media Solutions, which is based in Virginia, did not return a request for comment.

In November, Sander sued a New York-based software company that she said did not pay her her “fair market value” for her services.

She alleged that Social Media Solution LLC did not compensate her for her time spent on the platform and that she had a “fraudulent claim.”

She also claimed that the company’s compensation practices violated the federal False Claims Act.

In December, Sanderners attorneys filed a motion seeking a preliminary injunction against the company.

A settlement was reached in February, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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