The Nutty Professor soundtrack from Ventura College is now available to download and stream in the Spotify Music app

This week, Ventura University released its Nutty Professors soundtrack.

Featuring music from a wide variety of composers including Brian Eno, Michael Nyman, Steve Reich, Mark Knopfler, and others, the soundtrack includes tracks from the likes of “Rattle That Chair” by Mark Knope, “Bart Simpson” by Robert Wyatt, “The Nutty Mr. Basterd” by Michael Nymer, and “The Temptation of Love” by Brian Enot.

The soundtrack will also include the first three minutes of the film’s original music, and will be available for streaming and downloading in the App Store.

As a reminder, you can listen to the Nutty professor music below:The Nutziest Professor, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, will now be available to stream on Spotify.

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