How to Stop a ‘Blackout’ With Just A Little Help

If you want to stop a blackout, here are a few tips for keeping a candle on the fire:1.

Find a dark room and a window.

You can’t use your phone, so your flashlight won’t be able to light up the darkness.

If you have a window, it’s best to go through the window, as it will provide the light and make the blackout easier to control.2.

If your house is dark, try a candle or a torch.

These candles, or torches, have no toxic effects on your home.3.

Don’t be afraid to use a torch to illuminate a room.

You don’t need a torch if you have one on hand, but it can help keep you from being blindsided by a blackout.4.

Don’ t forget your phone!

Use a torch or a candle to light your phone.

This will help you keep track of your lights and can help you to find your way home safely.5.

Do your best to remember that you are there, that you were there, and that you’ll be there for others when you need them.6.

Don t give up on your dreams.

Your dreams are not dead.

You have them and they are not gone.

Keep dreaming.7.

Remember that youre not alone.

People can help.

They are there for you.

If there is a blackout and you can’t get home, they can help by bringing you food, clothing, shelter, and help with transportation.8.

If the blackout lasts longer than a few minutes, call 911.

You need to get help right away.

The emergency number is 911-7-FAX-1111.9.

Know your neighbors.

They will be able the help you need.10.

Know that the blackout will not affect your business.

Your business is safe.

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