How to build a world’s best basketball team in just 15 years

The basketball world is still reeling from the collapse of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, which cost the NBA its best basketball player and a future Hall of Famer.

But now, a new team is ready to take the next step and become the world’s most valuable franchise.

And it has a name: the Cleveland Cavs.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were a team that could have been a dynasty in the making.

The team had the talent to compete in the modern NBA.

And they were the only team in the NBA at the time that could score 50 points a game, a feat that few teams could pull off in a dynasty era.

But the Cavs collapsed on the court and on the coaching staff.

They lost their star player, Kevin Love, for good in the season opener.

They traded for LeBron James to help rebuild their team.

And now they’re on the cusp of going all the way to the Finals, only this time, it’s not on the courts, it is on the bench.

The team is led by head coach Tyronn Lue, who was a former head coach of the Boston Celtics.

Lue was the team’s GM in 2014 and was fired after just one season in Cleveland.

The Cavs were in a rebuilding phase, and Lue got a head start on getting rid of the players he was no longer able to acquire.

In the process, the Cavs acquired veterans like Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.

But Lue had a plan to rebuild the team.

L.A. Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak was the guy who had a similar vision in Los Angeles.

But after the Lakers went to the playoffs, they had to pay off a lot of the contracts they signed.

Lued’s plan was to get a team with more star power than the Lakers had at the start of the decade.

So the Lakers decided to sign the Cavs, who they had been linked to for years.

But when the Cavs traded for Kevin Love in 2015, the Lakers were able to lock up Love for $150 million over three years, giving them an extra $65 million in cap space.

This allowed them to sign several veterans to long-term contracts, including Kevin Love.

Lue had made it clear that he wanted to rebuild and that he did not want to spend money on players who could only play for the Lakers for the next five years.

So Lue hired Jeff Van Gundy as his new GM, a veteran who had been in charge of the Los Angeles Lakers for five years when he was a player.

He was a very smart, smart, very experienced coach.

He had won a championship with the Lakers in his first season.

And Van Gundys first season with the Cavs was a success.

After Lue’s initial success with the team, the coach made a decision that changed the way the team operated.

He started giving more attention to defense and less to offense.

Lues new approach was to run the team like a team.

It would be the same old Cavaliers, run the same offensive schemes, run a lot more isolation plays, and run the pick and roll.

Lully went to a more isolation style, where he was more interested in passing and not scoring.

He tried to play with more speed, and to play fast on offense.

This new approach worked, and the Cavs went from being a mediocre team in 2016-17 to the world champions in 2017-18.

This new approach helped them to the finals.

Lazy and ineffective on defense, they could not finish games and made it tough on the other teams.

And when Lue and the team were able do the right things, they were able come back from a 10-game deficit to win the championship in 2020.

But Van Gundies success was short lived.

He went to an interim coaching position in Cleveland and was quickly fired.

His replacement, Scott Brooks, went to another interim coaching role and was immediately fired.

Lülts future is uncertain, but his influence is clear.

He has been linked with several jobs.

And in the short term, he will not be able to be in charge in Los Angles, but in the long term, Lue has made it his mission to rebuild.

The next step will be Lue building the Cavs.

And if Lue succeeds, it will be because he is willing to make it his job to do so.

But what Lue needs to do is hire the right people, hire the coaches he needs, hire players he needs to build the team to where it can compete at the top level.

Lues success is not a surprise.

The Cavaliers were in the top two seeds in the Eastern Conference and were in play for a championship.

The problem was that the roster was weak, and it was not a team you can build a team around.

The Celtics were in that same boat, but with the added pressure of the All-Star break, the Celtics were able get some players to play and make some changes.

The Cavs are

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