What to know about your professors’ grades in Spanish

KARACHI:  The university of Marrakech announced the grades of its four top professors in Spanish this week.

The university said in a statement that Dr. Juan Marroquín was the third-highest rated professor in the university’s top ten departments.

He received the highest mark in the history of the university.

Dr. Jose Maria Lopez, a professor of physics, received the second highest rating, while Dr. Enrique Garcia, a physics professor, received a mark of 3.8 out of 5 stars.

According to the statement, the university had also released a list of the four professors’ names in English.

One of the top professors, Dr. Marroquin, is the director of the National Center for Science Education and Research.

He is the only professor to be listed as director in Spanish.

Dr. Mar Roquín is also the founder and former chairman of the Association of International Studies and a member of the Committee for International Education.

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