What Georgetown Law Professor Gaia Pizzeria CEO Gave to the DNC is Being Paid for by the DNC

By KAREN STUARTKAL The article By Karsten StuckerKALABE, Germany— Georgetown Law professor Gaia Pizza founder and CEO Gennaro Gennari is being paid by the Democratic National Committee to host a private dinner and talk on his behalf.

He said he made the payments because he’s concerned about how many other professors are paying their bills on his dime and that he wants to help people who have trouble paying bills.

Gennari said in an interview with Bloomberg that he received about $200,000 for the March 3 event at his office in the Georgetown Law Center.

In a written statement to The Associated Press, Gennaris lawyer, Steven Kost, said the payment is a contribution to the efforts of Georgetown Law professors and their students.

“This is a good way to raise awareness and support our students and faculty members in their efforts to get bills paid,” Kost wrote.

He did not respond to a request for comment from The Associated News.

The Democratic National Convention is expected to take place in Philadelphia on July 25, 2018.

According to Gennares lawyer, the money will go toward paying his bills and other expenses.

Kost said he did not know how much of the money was actually paid out.

Some of the professors have also made similar payments in the past, including the $400,000 the Georgetown University Law Center paid in May 2017 for an online conference on a topic called “The First Amendment and the First Amendment Defense.”

The conference, which was organized by Georgetown Law students, drew a lot of attention because the students did not get a refund.

This was a first.

We expect this kind of thing to continue, Kost said.

It’s good that the Democratic Party is taking steps to prevent this from happening again, he said.

But the problem with this is that many professors, including professors at Georgetown Law, are not paying their bill on time.

The professor at Georgetown University, Michael C. Rothstein, said he received $400 for attending a conference held at the Georgetown law building and that the university does not know if the bill was paid by Gennarezes bank account or the bank.

At least one professor at the University of Chicago Law School is also facing allegations that he has been paying his own bills on time, and the university has asked him to pay the bill to his own bank account.

There is also the issue of whether the professor is actually paying his bill, Kust said.

He was unable to provide an example of a professor who was.

I would expect a lot more money to be paid out from people like this, but if they are, it’s not clear what the money is going to do for them.

A spokesperson for the DNC did not immediately respond to the AP’s request for information about the amount of the payments and the status of Gennarians bill.

DNC spokesperson Liz Mazzuca told the AP that Gennars payment was made through a third party that “has no relationship with the DNC or the DNC’s leadership.”

The spokesperson said Gennarias payment is being made in full.

That’s not the case.

He is not a DNC employee.

He does not have any authority to make the payments, and he does not receive any compensation from the DNC.

Gennaria was not available for comment.

The university said the money has been paid and that it has no further comment.

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