‘This is the beginning of the end’: Professor Hojo says he will leave ‘this is the end of my life’

The professor at Columbia University is retiring after 18 years at the university.

The decision came as the university announced that the dean of undergraduate education and dean of the college of education have both stepped down from their roles.

Prof. John Klump, who took over the position in January 2017, announced in a letter to faculty that he will step down effective June 30.

“I’m grateful to my colleagues, students, and the faculty and staff at Columbia for the incredible privilege of serving in the position I have had for nearly 20 years,” he wrote.

He said that he “will not, in any way, be taking this opportunity for my own benefit.”

Klump said that in his decision to step down he was “deeply saddened by the way the university has treated its students and faculty,” and that he would not have the time to devote to the university’s mission as it relates to the students and staff.

“To leave this institution and the world I have created is the culmination of a long and difficult journey,” he said.

The news was not widely reported.

The New York Times reported that the university is considering firing the dean, and that Klump had been told he would have to resign if he wanted to continue to teach at the school.

Columbia President Lee Bollinger said that Klum was told he could not continue teaching at the institution for at least six months.

“We want him to have as much time as he needs,” Bollinger told the Times.

The announcement of Klump’s retirement came shortly after the news broke that he had been diagnosed with the pancreatic cancer that causes pancreatic disease, which is not known to be curable.

It was not clear if Klump was considering seeking treatment for the disease.

The dean of graduate studies, who also happens to be the dean’s wife, has been a professor at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism for more than 20 years.

The university confirmed Klump is the first woman to hold both positions.

He was the dean from 2010 to 2017.

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