How to get fired at UCLA over alleged sexual harassment

Los Angeles, California — — UCLA Professor of Psychology Rebecca Hines has been fired after she was accused of sexual harassment by a former graduate student.

Hines was the president of UCLA’s Department of Psychology when the allegations surfaced and resigned in April, UCLA said in a statement Tuesday.

Hires for her position were pending.

Hins was hired as a doctoral candidate in psychology in 2017.

She is a member of the faculty of psychology and was a faculty member at UCLA’s Graduate School of Education for several years, according to the university.

Hine said she had received a letter from the graduate student on June 29 that alleged she was inappropriate toward him while they were both working in the same lab together.

The professor said she was unaware of the alleged incident until a week later, but that she decided to resign after a conversation with her boss, the graduate, and that the relationship had improved since then.

In a statement, UCLA Director of Human Resources Jennifer Schoettes said Hines was terminated for “conduct unbecoming a faculty leader.”

The university also said it is “deeply troubled” by the accusations.

Schoettes also said that UCLA is “not an environment for the sexual harassment of women,” and that it “will take action if the allegations are substantiated.”

The graduate student is not being named in the complaint because he or she is an anonymous source, according with the university, and he or he is not currently employed by UCLA.

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