How to find a great professor at a public college

The most effective way to find the best professors in a given area of study is to compare them across courses, said Michael Sussman, a professor of communication at George Washington University.

“So, it’s very important to do this because the only way to be confident that you’re going to find someone who will be the best fit for your career is to do that,” he said.

The rankings below were compiled by The Associated Press.

They use data from the U.S. Department of Education and The New York Times’ rankings of public universities, the latest available.

They are weighted by their average class size to provide a more balanced picture of the professors at each school.

The list of the top 20 public universities includes: University of California, Berkeley: 19.

UCLA: 15.

University of Texas, Austin: 15; University of Chicago: 13.

Ohio State University: 12.

Cornell University: 11.

Ohio University: 10.

University at Buffalo: 10; University at Albany: 9.

University College London: 9; Harvard University: 9 and University of Pennsylvania: 8.

University and College of California at Berkeley: 8 and University and Community College of New Jersey: 7.

University in Minnesota: 7 and University at Rochester: 6.

University (Minn.)

– St. Cloud State University and University (Minneapolis): 6 and University, Portland: 5.

University, Saint Louis: 5 and University College of Minnesota-Brooklyn (MN): 5 and Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 5; and the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor (MI): 5.

Vanderbilt University: 4.

University School of Design: 4 and University School (Oxford): 4.

Yale University: 3.

University Park: 3 and Yale University (New Haven, CT): 3.

Princeton University: 2.

University for Creative Technologies: 2 and University for Humanities: 2, the universities report.

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