How to become a ‘Reddit millionaire’ by becoming a millionaire online

A Reddit millionaire, who earned $50 million in the year he left the company, says he now considers himself lucky.

“I’ve seen a lot of people who are very successful in life who have gone from the dot-com bubble and then left the dot com bubble, and now have $1 billion in their bank account,” said the Harvard professor, who left Reddit in December, saying he’s now more confident about his success.

It’s not the first time that Harvard Professor Cal Newport has left Reddit.

The Reddit billionaire, who was paid $50m in the last year, said that he’s more confident in his success than many of his former colleagues.

He said his former co-workers on Reddit told him, “You have to be careful about what you say because the internet is a big place where bad things happen.”

“I had this image that I could never be successful on Reddit because I had no business skills,” Newport told ABC News.

Reddit has become an online marketplace where people sell everything from furniture to music to movies.

It was valued at $40 billion last year.

When Newport quit Reddit, he made $15 million and a year later, he earned $2.4 million.

After retiring, he moved to Las Vegas to work for a company that sells cars.

In the past few years, Newport says he’s become more self-confident, even spending time at a spa to try and improve his appearance.

This summer, Newport told CNNMoney that he used his newfound wealth to help pay off a mortgage on his home.

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