How much did you earn in 2016? Here’s what you need to know

In the year of the “honest, hardworking, dedicated and talented Australians” it’s a time when “everybody’s got a job, everybody’s got access to a good job”, says Senator Brandis, but the truth is “there are fewer jobs in the mining industry”.

“We need to invest in the infrastructure,” she says.

“But we need to do it in a way that’s fair and competitive.”

Senator Brandas also says she’s keen to work with the federal government to ensure that “we can make sure we are supporting those who are in the mines but also in the hospitality sector”.

The mining industry has long been a source of bipartisan support.

Senator Brandis and the Greens have also been pushing for a “fairer” mining tax and increased mining royalties, which would generate about $300 million a year for the economy.

But in her opening remarks to the Senate today, Senator Brandes says that the mining tax she’s looking for is “not an exact science”.

“The first thing is to get the mining taxes down to $10 a tonne so that there’s a lot of revenue,” she said.

That’s “probably about the middle-of-the-road”.

Senator Nick Xenophon’s spokesman Nick Burdick says the government needs to consider the needs of the mining sector and the needs and aspirations of Australian workers.

In her opening speech to the House of Representatives today, Labor Senator Jenny Macklin said that the Government’s “unreasonable, divisive and unworkable” mining and mining-related policies had been “a massive failure” and “have created the worst job crisis in modern history”.

She called on Senator Brandises to “immediately commit to a tax of $10.50 a ton on carbon emissions, with a commitment to ensure the full $10-a-tonne royalty rate is paid to the taxpayer, and that a $10 billion fund be set up to assist Australian workers who are struggling to get a decent wage”.

Labor’s Joe Ludwig said Senator Brandys “outrageous” remarks were “another sign of how out of touch she is with reality”.

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