D.C. University professor suspended for ‘insulting’ President Obama

A professor at D.N.C., a private, for-profit school that requires students to take an essay exam every two years, has been suspended from her teaching position over her Facebook comments critical of President Barack Obama, The Washington Post reported.

The suspension is being investigated by D.U. administrators, who said in a statement that the professor has been asked to withdraw from classes, The Post reported Wednesday.

D.C.-area student Dae-Joon Hwang, who graduated in 2016, said he has been receiving death threats from members of the white supremacist and neo-Nazi movement.

Hwang told The Post that he did not intend to make a racist statement, but his post was taken out of context and did not reflect the views of the university.

Hwan, a first-year student at DnC, said the post was made after the school had just finished a study group that examined the racist ideologies of the far right.

The D.E.C.’s dean of undergraduate studies, Andrew McFarland, said in an email to the newspaper that the university was investigating the professor’s Facebook posts.

“The president, Vice President Biden, the school’s President and staff are taking appropriate action as appropriate to ensure the safety and well-being of our students and faculty,” McFarlands said.

The school said in its statement that it had not received any threats, and that no one at the school is a member of any hate group.

In the same Facebook post, Hwang also called for the assassination of Obama.

“I just want the president to know I’m still here and ready to die for him.

We are not afraid to die,” Hwang wrote.

“If you can’t stop him, I’ll do what I do best, which is kill you,” he said.

Hang has been a member for more than 20 years at DNC.

He was suspended from the school after the students group found a photo of Obama and the words, “Stop the kill-them-all” on his desk.

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