Which professors are the most qualified for their jobs?

Professor McGonagall.

She’s the head of the Department of Education, she’s been a professor at Oxford for 20 years, she was on the faculty at Harvard for five years, and she was a member of the Oxford Union for five and a half years.

What do you think she is qualified to do as head of that department?

[Professor McGonagh answers:] Professor McGahern.

Professor McGaughey.

Professor McGuire.

She did not hold a doctorate, and is not a doctor, and we think she’s a really qualified person.

And so, again, we are not making any statements as to who is the most worthy candidate.

We are just saying that this is a matter of merit, and, as you know, we have always said that merit and meritocracy is at the heart of the University of Oxford.

The more qualified people you have, the more merit you can have.

And that is something that the Oxford community has been saying for many years.

[Professor McGonagh is a professor of economics at Oxford.]

[Professor McGuire is a Professor of Economics at Oxford.

He also holds a doctorates in philosophy, economics, and economics.]

How about the two of you, Professor McGonegraf and Professor McGagan?

And, Professor McGuigan, you’ve been in the profession for many, many years, so I’m assuming you’ve seen all the different roles you have.

I’m curious about the roles that you do have, because I know you’re a really nice person, and I’m sure Professor McGolag has also seen all these different roles.

[McGowan:] Professor McGowan, I am delighted that you asked me that question.

I have had so many roles to take on, so that has been a wonderful experience.

I think it has been fantastic.

And the thing is, I’m the first person to actually be given the job of head of a department, so, I think I’ve really got the background.

[I know that McGowan’s job title is Professor of Philosophy at Oxford University.]

Professor McGowan.

Well, that’s wonderful, because it is an extraordinary role, and it is very important to have someone who understands the discipline, who has had the experience of working in that discipline, and who can give you insight into the academic discipline and who is going to be able to get the job done.

And I’ve had to make a very tough decision, because, frankly, I’ve always loved philosophy.

I love it so much that, you know: I don’t know if I can do it, and you know.

[Both laugh.]

I love philosophy, but I’m also an economics student, so it’s an incredible opportunity.

Professor McNagan: What’s your opinion on the topic of gender pay disparity?

[McGuigan:] I think the pay gap in academia is absolutely unacceptable.

And it has become more unacceptable in recent years, which is something I think we’ve seen, particularly at universities, where you’re finding more and more women, particularly, particularly women who are getting their degree and then becoming professors and then teaching.

I just think it is really, really unfair to make the assumption that these women are not earning as much as the men.

I’ve got a friend who is a PhD in finance, and he says to me: “What do you mean?

What do I need to do to earn as much money as the guys who get their PhDs in finance?”

[McGhowan laughs.]

Professor McGuagan: The point is that, in the UK, you are only paid a median salary of £9,500, which, if you work as a PhD and do the jobs that you are paid to do, you would make, I believe, £25,000.

Professor McGeowan: Yes.

[both laugh.]

Professor McNigan: But the median salary is $30,000 in the US, $37,500 in the United Kingdom, and so, obviously, it’s a very different situation.

I mean, we all want to be making more money, but in the meantime, we just have to try to make as much of an effort as we can to get to the median wage.

ProfessorMcGonegrazer: I mean there is a debate going on right now in the academic world about the best way to do it.

But I think that there is, as a general principle, in terms of compensation for people who are qualified to be in the job that they’re doing, if they’re qualified, and they can actually get the jobs done, they’re worth paying their fair share.

Professor McDermott: I would disagree.

[laughs] Professor McGoole: Yes, I would agree.

Professor Macgowan: I think a lot of people feel very strongly that the pay disparities are very, very, extremely, very important, and that it’s

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