When did we start thinking about the future of health care?

Health care is a business, and it is an expensive one.

If we want to see meaningful changes in health care in Canada, we need to think big and start now.

A number of experts and business leaders are coming together to talk about how to create a sustainable future for the health care industry.

As the health sector becomes more integrated with the rest of society, we must understand that this integration will also bring challenges.

First, it will create an ecosystem that allows for better access to care, while also promoting the health of people in their communities.

Second, the health system will need to be better designed to deliver quality care to more people.

In fact, a recent study found that Canada has one of the highest rates of pre-existing conditions in the world, and that it has one in three people with a pre-cancerous condition, a condition that could affect their quality of life.

In addition, a study of the Ontario Health Insurance Plan found that there are over 2.5 million Canadians who do not have access to coverage through the plan.

If we can manage our transition to a more efficient system, we will be able to better provide care to Canadians and their families.

In the past decade, we have seen the impact of the financial crisis and the economic downturn on health care.

Health care has become more expensive, and Canadians have been forced to make difficult choices about where they want to spend their health care dollars.

However, if we do not create a new model of health, we can expect to see this burden continue to increase as a consequence of the new system.

It is no coincidence that Canada’s health care system is also in transition.

As a result of the economic crisis, many sectors of the health industry have experienced rapid growth and have struggled to adapt to the changing economic climate.

While the Canadian health care sector has been able to adapt and respond to the challenges, it is not immune from the challenge.

Health care has always been about access to affordable care, and now it is about access that supports quality care.

The first step towards achieving that goal must begin with the creation of a sustainable system.

This is an important step because it will ensure that Canadians are better off financially, socially and culturally.

What is the future?

Health care will be one of our greatest opportunities for innovation and new ideas in the coming decades.

There are numerous promising areas in which the health profession is poised to make significant contributions.

There is a great need for innovation, and Canada is currently one of only a handful of countries in the OECD that have no physician-led physician teams or physician-run clinics.

There is a lot of room for the Canadian medical profession to contribute to improving the quality of care we receive.

In Canada, this means a growing number of innovations in the delivery of health services, such as: The development of personalized medicine and the use of genetic tools to detect disease earlier and more effectively;

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