What georgetown Law professors think about the #MeToo movement

A growing number of U.S. universities are using the hashtag #MeIn, an online platform that has been gaining traction as women are demanding equal pay for equal work.

Georgetown University, the nation’s oldest law school, is using the platform to help students, faculty, staff and students feel safe and empowered, as well as provide guidance and resources on how to take action when it comes to workplace harassment.

The hashtag is part of a wider trend, which has seen colleges and universities across the country, including Georgetown, begin to use the hashtag in the past year.

In August, Georgetown’s campus issued a notice about the use of the hashtag on campus and posted on its website a list of actions that could be taken to protect students and staff from harassment.

Georgetown students and faculty, who are also represented by the Student Advocacy Group, are asking that administrators work together to create policies and policies for how to address and stop harassment.

“I think we are very excited about this new opportunity to help people feel more comfortable on campus,” said Sarah Buechler, a law student and Georgetown Law professor.

“But at the same time, I think it’s also important to recognize that the university does not control the content of the messages that are shared on social media and we do need to be careful about the ways in which we engage with the hashtag.

We need to know what people are feeling, what they are saying and what they want to happen, she said.

In a letter sent to the law school’s board of trustees, faculty members also wrote that they want administrators to provide a framework for how the university can best address the concerns of students and campus community members.

The university has already made some changes to its policies and procedures on how it responds to campus harassment.

In July, it launched an online petition urging the university to ban harassment on its campus.

The petition, which is now growing, was created by students who feel they have been harassed on campus.

In addition, the university launched an action plan for harassment and intimidation on campus that includes an effort to have the university implement a policy to report cases of harassment to the Department of Education and the Office of Civil Rights, the students wrote.

In an email to the Georgetown Law students, a university spokesperson said the university is taking steps to increase the safety and support of all students on campus.”

The university is actively working with the Office to develop and implement a comprehensive campus safety plan to address the safety of our community, including the following: establishing and enhancing the safety plan; creating an outreach plan to encourage members of our campus community to report incidents of harassment; providing resources to campus and to campus community leaders to better educate and support students who may experience harassment and harassment;and developing policies to support student-athletes in making decisions about whether to report allegations of harassment.

We will continue to listen and take action on the progress we are making,” the spokesperson said.

A Georgetown spokesperson said in an email that the school is aware of the efforts to address harassment on campus, and has created a campus safety response plan that includes a list that students can request information on.”

We will respond appropriately and effectively to student-on-student, student-to-staff, and student-student harassment,” the Georgetown spokesperson added.

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