Beauty professor: My mom told me to wear makeup

A professor at a California college told her students to wear a face mask when they go out and she’s proud of it.

“I am proud of my mom telling me to use makeup,” said Sarah Kustov.

Kustov, who is an assistant professor at the University of California, San Diego, said she’s been teaching classes on the subject for years.

“We had a few students ask if they could wear makeup for a class, so I thought, well maybe they should, so they can’t go out alone,” she said.

But that’s not how she found out.

“My mom told the class to wear mask, I don’t know if they understood what she meant, but they were all wearing makeup,” she told ABC News.

“One of them looked like he was on drugs, so he looked like the drug dealer,” Kustova added.

“Then the other one just looked like they were on a date, they all looked very happy.”

In this May 16, 2015, photo, a female student wearing makeup is seen at a hotel room in Tokyo, Japan.KUSTOV said her students have told her that their parents told them to wear masks during school hours.

“They’ve said, ‘my mom told us to wear mascara, I can’t wear mascara and it doesn’t make me look like a drug dealer,’ ” she said, adding that one student even told her to wear lipstick.

“She was just very surprised,” KUSTOV told ABC.

“It makes me sad because I know that people are just afraid of their skin, and they’re not aware of what they’re wearing.”KUSTOV’s class is currently in its second year and she said they’re planning on expanding to include other subjects and possibly a new topic.

“When you start talking about makeup, you start to realize that there are more than just makeup and makeup accessories,” she explained.

“So if we don’t expand, then we’ll never have an opportunity to teach our students about their skin and how to use it.”

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