When America’s Professor was the most hated man in America

When America has the greatest and best professor, and then when America’s professor is the most despised man in the world, you know it’s time to start getting rid of him.

America’s Professor, an actor/comedian who also hosts a radio show called “America’s Doctor,” was arrested for assault and assault and battery charges last year after allegedly choking his daughter and forcing her to vomit on his face.

It was his third arrest since 2008.

The 35-year-old actor is being charged with aggravated assault and domestic violence after the incident last year that allegedly occurred at their home in Florida.

On Monday, the actor tweeted that he was leaving the country after being arrested.

He was in the United States illegally.

“Please do not judge me, judge the situation,” he wrote.

“The United States is a country of immigrants.

The country I love and cherish has no room for a racist or xenophobic man.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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