Copywriting Highlight Reel

Here are a few of my published copywriting works from around the internet. Unfortunately, I am no longer taking new copywriting, ghostwriting, or freelance editing clients due to a full schedule through the end of 2017 and because of my decision to focus more heavily on my own creative projects. I might revisit this decision in 2018.




Jared Stewart and the good folks at Influence International hired me to perform substantive edits on their business fable, CITY OF INFLUENCE, in 2008. Since then, it has garnered a 4.7-star rating on Amazon and a 4.1-star rating on GoodReads.



My articles on influencer marketing, infographics, content marketing, and other related topics have appeared on CopyPressed, the official blog of media agency CopyPress. I’ve worked with this company for years as a writer and editor, helping to develop brands’ digital footprints. Please also check out some of my fellow writers’ amazing contributions to this collective content marketing blog.


Media Shower: Thoughts From the Shower

I’ve written several articles on content marketing and related topics for Media Shower’s blog, Thoughts From the Shower. Media Shower remains on the cutting edge of new media, content promotion, and copywriting, and I’m proud to work with them to help expand clients’ brand messages and reach. In addition to my posts, you’ll also find insightful, enjoyable, and educational posts from my fellow writers and editors. Please check out their fantastic work.


The Nest

Visit, a renowned lifestyle publication, for my content on pets. Most recently, you can read my article on anxiety in Labrador retrievers for the website.


Writers Domain

Writers Domain has hired me to write several posts on copywriting for the company’s blog.


Hotel Planner

Thinking about planning a trip? Head to Hotel Planner—one of the most convenient travel booking websites available today. You can also read some of the content I’ve created for the company on premier destination cities. For instance, maybe you’re interested in taking a trip to picturesque Muncie, Indiana.



Several of my articles on content marketing and related subjects have been syndicated across the internet. View my article on boosting your content marketing game on Upwork’s blog for an example.


Check out some of the articles I’ve written for Boostability’s blog on business and content marketing.

Hunker is a website designed to inspire people to live in more comfortable spaces. The company published my article about How to Bomb for Bugs.

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Most of the time, I work as a ghostwriter, sometimes for Fortune 100 companies, and sometimes for smaller outfits. I’ve also ghosted three novels and two nonfiction book-length works.