About Laura Jane College

Laura Jane College

Laura Jane College believes that, just as light disperses shadows, connection and hope supply the antidote to disengagement, anxiety, and isolation. More than anything, she wants to instill in others the knowledge that they never walk alone.

How? She tell stories.

College writes stories because we connect to characters and relate to narratives that reflect our own personal struggles, even if only in the metaphorical sense. We listen to songs, watch movies, view art, and read books that resonate with us because they tell the truth.

Rarely the whole truth and often a subjective truth—but truth nonetheless. Something inside us says, “Right, yes, I totally getthis.” In that moment of connection, we feel whole.

Laura Jane College strives to foster that sense of belonging and recognition in everything she creates. Sometimes she succeeds, and sometimes she falls flat on her face. Even in the murk of unquestionable failure, however, she hopes that her work glimmers with the faintest spark of the light she tried to shine through it.

Stories provide College with the adventures she’s never sought in faraway places. Novels, memoirs, television shows, movies, even songs—they’ve been her teachers and her inspiration.

Laura the Writer

After a series of injuries cut short her career as a riding instructor and horse trainer, College carved out a niche in the freelance writing world. Since 2003, she’s written everything from product catalogs to sales copy, to how-to books, to legal case summaries. She enjoys the work.

In January 2017, she commenced work on her first novel. It’s a work of supernatural suspense, one whose plot has been rolling around in her head for the last couple years. She’s not sure whether it will be publishable upon completion, but she does know that it isn’t the end of her career in fiction.

She also publishes free short stories at LJC Press.

Laura the Photographer

She uses the term photographer almost comically because by no means does she consider herself a professional. Her photos usually just augment whatever story she happens to be telling with words, and she doesn’t publish them as examples of fine art.

Years ago, College’s father bought gave her a DSLR for her birthday, a Nikon D3000. Since then, she’s gone very few places without it, and she finds herself enjoying outings more when she has her camera around jer neck.

You can view her photography portfolio if you want to take a closer look.

Laura the Consumer

College’s favorite storytellers are Dean Koontz and Joss Whedon. The former writes suspense fiction using lyrical prose, while the latter creates funny, heart-wrenching, scary, exciting, and moving stories on the screen.

Both creators possess an enviable understanding of human nature and a natural ability to enthrall audiences. Each is a servant of his stories, which College thinks makes a tremendous difference in the quality of the finished product.

In terms of novels, College also enjoys reading Jeffery Deaver, John D. MacDonald, Tess Gerritsen, Kay Hooper, Charles Dickens, Jonathan Kellerman, Allison Brennan, Alexandra Sokoloff, Sandra Brown, Mark Twain, Walter Farley, Kathy Reichs . . . you get the point.

Laura Abridged

I like Laughing Cow cheese, furniture catalogs, big dogs, stained glass windows, Victorian architecture, skeleton keys, symmetry, the Houston Zoo, dark roast coffee, the country, musicals, stretching, sleeping, walking in the surf, and office supplies.

I dislike poor grammar, carpet, lima beans, traffic, modern design, hot weather, harsh lighting, crowds, commercials (on TV or online), the sound of Styrofoam rubbing against any other substance, and spiders. Especially spiders.